Welcome to The 14th CBRNe Protection Symposium and the Exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment

The CBRNe Protection symposium is aimed for engaged professionals within the CBRNe-protection field. We encourage everyone to contribute to the symposium through fruitful meetings, elaborated conversations and sharing of recent research.

An extensive exhibition of CBRNe protection equipment will be arranged in connection with the symposium, where industry and institutes display their latest products and research in an encouraging environment. The exhibition will offer a good opportunity for the symposium participants to make themselves acquainted with commercially available state-of-the-art equipment related to CBRNe protection.

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Giedrė Balčytytė
Chancellor of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.
Lars Van Dassen
Executive Director of World Institute for Nuclear Security (WINS)


Wiktor Wojtas
Policy Analyst in the Counter-Terrorism unit of the Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs of the European Commission
Antonella Cavallo
The Directorate-General for European Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid Operations (DG ECHO) to speak about “At the interface between CBRN security and civil protection: the approach to systemic resilience in the EU”
Paul Keim
Northern Arizona University (NAU) & Translational Genomics Research Institute (TGen)to speak about“Genomic forensic analysis of biothreat pathogenic agents”.
Ambassador Robert Mikulak
expert advisor US department of State, to speak about“The importance verification tools in the investigation of alleged use of chemical and biological weapons.”
Boban Cekovic
former OPCW inspector, chemical weapons/munitions specialist to speak about “Experiences from the Inspection(s)/Investigations(s) of Alleged Use(s) of Chemicals Weapons in the Syrian Arab Republic (Historical Perspective)”
Janos Bagi
Technical- & Scientific Officer at European Commission to speak about the European Nuclear Security Training Centre (EUSECTRA)



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