Thematic sessions

Detection, Identification and Monitoring

The research fields of detection, identification and monitoring of CBRNe events shares a common aim – improved methodology, technology, and analyses. The importance of most advanced and sophisticated techniques within the field has been stressed by the latest research about disease-causing microbes, traditional/nontraditional chemical agents and radioactive substances, and nuclear material.

This session will include, but is not limited to, the following topics:

      • Development of improved identification methods for traditional and nontraditional CBRNe events
      • Emerging sensor technologies adaptable for CBRNe applications
      • Development and optimization of sensor networks including alarm algorithms
      • New technologies for rapid and accurate identification of CBRNe events with focus on first responders
      • On-site detection and analysis by, e.g., mobile laboratories and team
      • Development of diagnostics for existing and emerging threats to infectious diseases


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